As we are what we eat, so we become who we vote for

I don’t look for moral perfection in those I vote for; I am far from a paragon of virtue myself, and I fully expect those I vote for to have feet of clay. But our votes,
much like our personal libraries and our choice of friends, is a reflection of who we are as human beings.

When we vote for men who suffer from the failings of toxic masculinity, with the rage and sense of superiority we see in so many moral thugs in high office, it means we have given them our seal of approval. And yes, this applies when we vote for women who revel in a lack of respect for those whose only crime is that they see the world a little differently from they way they do. and express contempt for anything outside their intellectual comfort zone.

If we knowingly support these candidates, we are giving them our stamp of approval. Some try to say, “Well, look at the alternative!”

That may well be case where one should decide to leave a line blank on the ballot form.

Which brings us to men like Roy Moore, and by extension, Donald Trump. Unlike Al Franken, the moral failings of these men is often + known to voters before an election, and yet many voters willingly climb down into the pig trough with them.

You might be able to get away with that once, but once you know of a candidate’s moral failings – above and beyond the normal, every day failings that come with being human, well, that’s your karma, kid.

You can justify your vote all you like, but you’ll never be the same person again, no matter how much you flail about and act as if you are in some sort of holy war.


Quote of the Day

“The possession of knowledge does not kill the sense of wonder and mystery. There is always more mystery.” – Anaïs Nin

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