Former U.S. Sen. Tim Hutchinson has paid Trump insider to lobby for pardon for his confessed felon son, Jeremy Hutchinson

Brian ChilsonWILL HE BE PARDONED BY TRUMP? Jeremy Hutchinson (right) in one of his federal court appearances. A flurry of pardons is expected during Donald … Continue reading

Potential penalty increased for Richard ‘Bigo’ Barnett, the Gravette invader of Pelosi office

NEW INFORMATION: Photo filed with amended complaint. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports today on a hearing for Richard “Bigo” Barnett, the 60-year-old Gravette man who preened … Continue reading

It’s still Trumpansas as far as Arkansas Republicans are concerned, down to similar incivility: Part II

As I wrote earlier today, few Arkansas Republican officials are willing to discuss much less criticize the bloody elephant in their midst — the riot-inciting … Continue reading

Leslie Rutledge was NOT missing in action, if you’re talking about having a connection to the Wednesday riot

Republican State Attorneys General Association Dark Money Group Organized Protests Preceding Capitol Mob Attack. — David Menschel (@davidminpdx) January 7, 2021 Attorney General Leslie … Continue reading

Thank God Biden won. And get a load of the liar’s belated response to the riot

President-elect Biden addresses the nation: — Biden-Harris Presidential Transition (@Transition46) January 6, 2021 He is presidential. The sooner the better. A 25th Amendment solution … Continue reading

8th Circuit affirms injunction against two Arkansas anti-abortion laws, but sends signal that the legal landscape could change

The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals today upheld preliminary injunctions issued by Judge Kristine Baker against two Arkansas anti-abortion laws. The 8th Circuit said prevailing … Continue reading

The New Year’s open line: UPDATED with a record COVID-19 day and some unsocial distancing in Fort Smith

Here’s the open line. I’ll update with the daily COVID-19 report when it arrives. UPDATE: So much for Governor Hutchinson’s whistle past the graveyard yesterday … Continue reading

Legislation is rolling in: Measures include a tampon tax break and proposals for more capital crimes.

Though the Capitol is largely quiet this week, legislators continue to file bills for the coming session. Rep. Aaron Pilkington (R-Knoxville) was busy today, filing … Continue reading

Coronavirus today: ‘Not any good news at all,’ including a record one-day death toll of 66 and slow distribution of the vaccines.

The governor said it plainly to open his weekly coronavirus briefing: “There’s not any good news at all.” The bad news included a record one-day … Continue reading