Pro-choice activists push Jerry Nadler to subpoena Justice Kavanaugh’s abortion opinions penned under the first Bush White House

With Southern states passing harsh new abortion restrictions aimed squarely at bringing a challenge in the Supreme Court, pro-choice activists are turning to one lawmaker … Continue reading

The final insults: The administrative trial of the cop who put the chokehold on Eric Garner contains persuasive evidence of wrongdoing, and egregious failures by the city

Testimony in the long-delayed administrative hearing of Officer Daniel Pantaleo has already made a powerful case for his dismissal. An NYPD training officer asserted that … Continue reading

Smoking and the gun: McConnell wants to raise the minimum age for tobacco; why not all firearms?

Two tobacco-state senators, Kentucky’s Mitch McConnell and Virginia’s Tim Kaine, propose raising the minimum age to buy cigarettes, e-cigarettes and other such products from 18 … Continue reading

Holdout Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw — who once snubbed 9/11 survivor — signs on to Victim Compensation Fund renewal

WASHINGTON — The Texas Congressman who sparred with 9/11 responders over his lack of support for a bill to help survivors and victims of the … Continue reading

End the exemption: As a measles outbreak grows ever larger, Albany must stop letting people use religion as an excuse not to vaccinate their children

The measles outbreak grows, now up to 880 reported cases nationwide, more than in any single year over the past quarter century. Shamefully, New York … Continue reading