Dog that ran away minutes after being adopted, is found

After more than three weeks on the lam, Arnold the runaway rescue has been located safe and sound, and is being returned to his relieved adoptive family.

Arnold, a 2-year-old Corgi-mix, hightailed it from just outside of Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation center in Walnut Creek on Jan. 5.

Minutes earlier, the shy dog had been officially adopted by a family. As they led him toward their car, a decision to adjust his harness proved fateful.

Arnold slipped his restraints and ran like the wind. And ran some more, and then kept running.

ARF alerted followers on social media, who quickly spread the word. A small army of volunteers took to the streets around ARF, searching. ARF staff tracked down every reported lead.

Arnold, however, had other plans. To him, his rescue party might have looked like an angry posse and each time someone got close, he took off.

For the past several days, ARF had narrowed the search and put out food for Arnold, hoping to lure him into their waiting arms. On Tuesday, they had success. Arnold was once again in the grasp.

Arnold was checked for injuries and illnesses, and finding him in relatively good health despite his days on the run, he was turned over to his new family, who will be keeping a tight grip on his leash from now on.

ARF thanked all those who either spread the word about Arnold through social media contacts, as well as those who prowled the streets.

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