Elle Fanning from ‘The Great’ Says She’s ‘Allergic’ To The Term ‘Strong Female Character’

Elle Fanning from 'The Great' Says She's 'Allergic' To The Term 'Strong Female Character'

Elle Fanning, star of Hulu’s new series "The Great," joined the Variety After-Show to breakdown twisting the period piece tropes and celebrate the new characters being carved out for women on television, stating that she’s "allergic" to the "strong female character" term. "I don’t know what that means," Fanning said. "Yes of course Marial (Phoebe Fox) is strong Catherine is strong but we all have our moments. I’m not so interested in watching those types of characters."

The actress went on to name check the TV series "Fleabag," "Russian Doll" and "Killing Eve" as characters she’s drawn to with "juicy women" who have different sides and don’t always have the right answer.

Fanning also discussed finding the tone and pace in the new dark comedy/historical fiction series "The Great." And revealed how Nicholas Hoult, who plays Peter III of Russia, balances the banter between the two, "We’re not embarrassed in front of each other which is good for scenes in this show."

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