Fieldsports Britain – bucks, bullets and Buddhists

Fieldsports Britain - bucks, bullets and Buddhists

Tim’s after fallow and Tom’s shooting roe. Tim Pilbeam is stalking fallow as the final outing in his grand copper bullet test: 350 deer on the deck and only one runner. Meanwhile, it’s 1st April – the opening of the roebuck season in Britain – and Dartmoor deerstalker Tom Davies is out after cull animals, and to have a look at what he has on his ground. That’s not all. FITASC world champion Sam Green explains how to shoot a looper, and the Buddhists trying to close down a rifle range in Scotland get a slap when it turns out they can’t hear the bangs anyway. David is on the News Stump and Charlie has the best hunting videos on YouTube in Hunting YouTube. It’s all in this week’s #fieldsportsbritain

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▶ Fallow
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▶ Fieldsports News
Greens con Scots on grouse
Moss grows better on burnt moors + +
BASC gives SNP a way out for its disastrous deer policy
Disposable barbecues start Easter wildfires + +
Countryside Code gets an overhaul countryside +
Dead deer shock horror probe
Hog deer and jungle cat live wild in Kent
Pet thieves arrested in Essex as police recover spaniels and terriers
Irish pigeonshooting under threat again
Ibra in the lions’ den and
Bear hunts for 12-year-olds +
Hunting video game gets better funding than hunting

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▶ Hunting YouTube
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