First Ever State Music Festival Hosted at LHS

April 18 was the first time that the State Music Festival  has ever been hosted at LHS. Students from LHS and LMS performed in the auditorium as well as 30 other Kansas schools, competing for high ratings.

Band Director John Cisetti was excited to host the festival, both for the “home field” and for the opportunity to show other Kansas schools what LHS has to offer

“ It’s always a pleasure to have people come to our school from across the state, and it’s good to play in your own house, so it worked out for other schools and it worked out for us,” Cisetti said.

Hosting the festival came with some perks for the band, playing in our own auditorium, which has a large enough stage to hold any band comfortably.

“ We got to choose when we went on, and we really made sure things were good for us. We got to use our own auditorium, and a lot of the other auditoriums at other schools where they have the band play aren’t really the best,” Nick Blankenship said.

However, with great power comes great responsibility, and hosting the festival came with added pressure, added work, and added students coming from other schools.

“It’s a lot of work hosting the festival here, but there are advantages. For one, we don’t have to travel. I really enjoyed hosting it, I really enjoy showing our facility to folks from other parts of the state,”  Cisetti said.

The band was ready, preparing to go into the tournament with a plan to succeed.

“Go in, play the music, get a one,”  Blankenship said.

In the end, The band took the stage, and received a one rating, with style.

“ The band did a great job. They played with a lot of musical style and nuance on both of the pieces that we did. The first one was a Sousa March which is over 100 years old, but they brought that to life with great style,” Cisetti said.


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