Hazardous/difficult travel conditions Chicago area-wide later tonight into Wednesday morning

Hazardous slick driving conditions including glazing of highways, bridges, streets, sidewalks and parking lots along with dense freezing fog will exist tonight and Wednesday forenoon Chicago area-wide. Individuals out and about on foot should watch your step and be aware of potential sick spots. 

Temperatures will be running in the mid to upper 20s across northern Illinois into northwest Indiana overnight into Wednesday morning, setting the stage for glazing/slick conditions to develop as light freezing rain/drizzle spreads over the area from west to east along and north of interstate-80 later tonight and Wednesday forenoon (Winter Weather Advisory in effect – purple-shaded counties on the headlined map).

Over the remainder of the Chicago area south of Interstate-80 into northwest Indiana a Dense Freezing Fog Advisory will be in effect tonight into Wednesday forenoon – here skies will be clear much of the night allowing temperatures and dew–points to come together, subsequently enabling the formation of wide-spread dense freezing fog with visibilities from near zero to less than a quarter-mile along with the condensation of moisture creating slick spots and black ice on roads, bridges, streets, sidewalks and cold exposed surfaces (see dense fog display below).

Dense freezing Fog…

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