Historical Events for 25th February 2021

1751 – 1st performing monkey exhibited in America, NYC (admission 1 cent)
1793 – 1st US cabinet meeting, held at George Washington’s home
1907 – US proclaims protectorate over Dominican Republic
1916 – Battle of Verdun: German troops conquer Fort Douaumont without firing a shot, the largest and highest fort defending the city of Verdun during World War I
1924 – Marie Boyd scores 156 points in Maryland HS basketball game (163-3)
1926 – Kwo-Min-Tang (Guomindang) declares war on government and warlords
1938 – Lord Halifax becomes British Foreign Secretary
1980 – Coup ousts PM Henck Arron of Suriname
1995 – Muslim fundamentalists shoot 20 Shiite mosque goers dead
2013 – Cuban President Raúl Castro announces he will not seek another term in 2018

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