How Dangerous Is Solar Geoengineering? | The Climate Debates

How Dangerous Is Solar Geoengineering? | The Climate Debates

In the run-up to Earth Day, Rolling Stone held a series of three debates, each focusing on a different contentious climate solution: solar geoengineering, carbon removal, and how quickly we can and should stop using natural gas.

Geoengineering may be the biggest, most controversial idea that scientists and engineers have cooked up since the nuclear bomb. In this debate, we focus on solar engineering, technology that would cool the planet’s temperature by spraying particles into the stratosphere to reflect away a fraction of the sunlight that is hitting the Earth. Building a sun shade for the planet is one way to think about it.

We discuss some of the central issues: Is the climate crisis so far gone that we need to consider risky ideas like solar engineering? Is solar engineering a hubristic dream of techno-elitists or the best tool we have to reduce the impacts of a warming climate for millions of people in the developing world? Who would be the winners and losers in a geoengineered world?

Joining Rolling Stone for the debate are David Keith of Harvard University, and writer Alex Steffen.

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