How to Apply as a New F1 International Student

How to Apply as a New F1 International Student

In order to be admitted as an international student at Butler there are different requirements and information needed, depending on your status in the United States. As a new International student, you need to:

-Application for Admission completed in full, including an academic major and a foreign address listed under “Home Country Address”.

-Current Bank Statements showing at least $16,897 USD (scanned copy acceptable).

– Sponsor Letter/Financial Guarantee Form hand signed and dated within 6 months of start of semester for each sponsor (scanned copy acceptable).

– High School Transcripts in English (scanned copy acceptable).

-International Housing Statement stating where you intend to live while attending Butler.

-Copy of current Passport . If unavailable, a copy of your birth certificate is acceptable.

-Proof of English Proficiency TOEFL 500 (PBT), 173 (CBT), 61 (iBT), IELTS 5.0. For students whose country’s official language is English, a secondary English grade and overall grade point average equivalent of “C” or better.

-$75 non-refundable processing fee paid after student’s completed application is approved for admission to Butler.

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