Inside the Titanic’s FATAL Mistake | History’s Greatest Mysteries (Season 1) | History

Inside the Titanic's FATAL Mistake | History's Greatest Mysteries (Season 1) | History

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The sinking of the Titanic was one of history’s most tragic disasters – but could it have been avoided? New evidence provides a never before seen glimpse into the last moments before the Titanic made an irreversible mistake, in this clip from Season 1, "Titanic’s Lost Evidence." #HistorysGreatestMysteries
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Narrated by Academy Award® nominee and Emmy Award® winner Laurence Fishburne (“Black-ish,” John Wick, The Matrix, Apocalypse Now and Boyz N The Hood), History’s Greatest Mysteries will investigate a wide range of historically compelling topics and the mysteries surrounding each, including the Titanic, D.B. Cooper, Roswell, John Wilkes Booth and more. The franchise will showcase fresh, new evidence and perspectives, including documents never before released to the general public, personal diaries and even DNA evidence, to unearth brand-new information about some of History’s most infamous and enigmatic chapters.

Incredible discoveries uncovered within “History’s Greatest Mysteries” include a 100-plus-year-old box filled with the investigative findings of Lord Mersey, the man charged with leading the official inquiry into the sinking of the Titanic, and a personal diary from Major Jesse Marcel, the first person to investigate the wreckage in Roswell, NM believed to contain coded clues to what really happened that night in 1947. In addition, for the first time, the family of John Wilkes Booth is releasing 60 boxes of sealed family documents and allowing a DNA test that may hold the answers to whether he truly died in a fire following the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, or if he faked his death as many believe.

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