KS Sorghum Authentic Ag Week of 2 15 2021

KS Sorghum Authentic Ag Week of 2 15 2021

Kansas Grain Sorghum is seeking candidates for nomination to the United Sorghum Checkoff Program’s Board in compliance with the appointment process pre-scribed by USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service.

The Sorghum Checkoff’s board offers several seats to the largest sorghum producing state in the nation, which Kansas consistently achieves accounting for over half of all U.S. sorghum production. This year, two positions are open for nomination of Kansans and for each vacancy, two candidates must be submitted to USDA. The appointments are then made by the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture.
By way of background, the United Sorghum Checkoff Program has been working with checkoff dollars to help improve profitability for sorghum producers nationwide. Since 2008, the Sorghum Checkoff has enhanced its efforts in the areas of research, promotion and information to help sorghum producers yield greater financial return. Today, the economic picture for sorghum is bright with increased acreage devoted to sorghum and growing demand from markets here at home and around the world.
More information on Sorghum Checkoff can be found at Sorghumcheckoff.com. Prospective Checkoff candidates should contact Kansas Grain Sorghum’s Executive Director Jesse McCurry before March 24.
You can also hear McCurry as he hosts Kansas Grain Sorghum’s feature series, the Sorghum State Podcast, which is a great way to tune in to the movers and shakers within our industry. Find those episodes where-ever you get your podcasts or simply visit KSGrainSorghum.org.

For Kansas Grain Sorghum, this is Adam York

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