Louisburg Baseball Has Early Success

Louisburg baseball opened its season on the road against Paola, and the first game ended in a 17-0 loss.  Looked like it might be a long season for the Wildcats.

The team didn’t see it that way, though.  They came out the next game and at least scored a run, actually 9 of them, and only allowed 5.  When they came back in that second game, it was as though something clicked.

“It was super fun [to make that comeback against Paola],” junior Logan McClellan said.

Since the comeback win, varsity baseball has started the season with a 3-1 record, defeating Prairie View 19-3 and 18-2, and now the team hopes to maintain the winning streak and establish themselves as a team that can compete against anyone.

“I always have high expectations for my athletes. I know we have a fairly young team with not a lot of experience on the varsity level but we are going out and competing and winning which is always good,” assistant coach Brandon Ott said.

However, what may have surprised fans is not surprising to the team who has had high morale since the winning streak and expected this start to their season.

“[Morale] is so much better than last year. The coach is positive, the players are positive and everyone gets along,” junior Beckett Rasmussen said.

Head coach Joel McGhee and assistants Brandon Ott and Jacob Storey, likewise, have high aspirations for this season. Ott cited that where last year the team seemed to struggle after losing games, this team responded by scoring 62 runs in the next five games, and the players themselves have a lot to do with that success by supporting each other.

We have guys when were hitting up at the fence in the dugout cheering on our hitters which helps to fluster the opposing pitchers and this started in the big second game against Paola. Even when we are down it seems like our guys are still in the game and cheering on their teammates rather than just hanging their heads,” Ott said.

While the streak did end with recent losses to Eudora, 10-11 and 6-9, the hot start has provided the team confidence that they have the players and talent that could allow them a run into the playoffs.

“I have to put my team in the best position to win and that’s what I as a coach and, I believe we as a coaching staff, plan to do,” Ott said.

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