Louisburg Hosts League STUCO

LHS Student Council advisors Caitlin Callaway and Kathryn Siefken coordinated the Frontier League Stuco event that Louisburg was tasked with hosting this year on April 10. They chose to include three different speakers and time for student/sponsor networking.

“It was so [they] could have a meeting of the minds,” Siefken said.

The event was attended by seven schools, Baldwin, DeSoto, Eudora, Ottawa, Paola, Springhill, Louisburg, and roughly 160 students. It was a large number of students, but the event still ran quite smoothly. The sponsors hoped to include team building activities but were unable to due to time.

“We stayed on schedule for the most part. However, we did take out [that] 20-minute activity due to a couple schools arriving late,” Louisburg STUCO Vice President Grant Ryals said.

The latter part of the day allowed time for students from all attending schools met with each other, networked, discussed what their STUCOs had and were doing, and exchanged ideas.

“The groups’ talks seemed very intriguing and a lot of good topics and new ideas were being discussed,”  Ryals said.

Prior to the networking and student activities, the event hosted three speakers. The first was the executive director of KSHSSA, Bill Faflick, and the next two were a part of a team called Gridiron Grunts, featuring John Selman, a retired US Army Veteran, and Shawn Barber, a former American Football linebacker. All three talked about leadership and what it means to be a leader in one’s school.

“The speakers were a little repetitive, but for the most part, I did enjoy league. I still would have gone had it not been required,” Natalie George sophomore LHS STUCO member said.

Notified of the responsibility in February, the advisors were on a small time crunch to prepare the event to the extent which they would have liked.

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