Louisburg Varsity Football takes on the Paola Panthers

The Louisburg High School football team will face off against Paola High School in the last game before playoffs on October 19th.

The game against Louisburg’s biggest rival, the Paola Panthers, is a huge game for both schools. Both teams are undefeated (7-0) and the winner of this Friday’s game will decide who the number one seed in the east will be during playoffs. In 2016, a win against Paola kept Paola from going to the State Playoffs and they returned in 2017 to prevent Louisburg from attending the State Playoffs. The team is gearing up for what might turn out to be their best season in years.

“I think [the winning streak] is a direct result of the buy-in from players. They have worked their tails off,” head coach, Robert Ebenstein said.

Players, students, coaches, and faculty members are all excited for the upcoming game. Posters can be seen around the school building encouraging students to attend the game. The football team has been preparing vigorously the week before the game.

“We have been preparing all week and everyone is excited. There is a lot on the line like the League Championship and the number one seed in the east so it’s gonna be a hype game,” senior football player, Brayden Gage said.

The football team is prepared to take on Paola and our students are prepared to take on the Paola crowd. Coach Ebenstein has high hopes for his players in this exciting game.

“I feel good. My biggest concern is ensuring I have my lucky socks for the game,” Ebenstein said.

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