March Student of the Month

Academic student of the month is a merit based recognition system, which means a student must meet one or more of the proper qualifications as observed and nominated by the faculty to receive the award. Those qualifications include exceptional performance in the classroom and academic realm, willingness to help others academically, leadership in the classroom, and improved academic performance. There is also an option for the teacher to select “other” during the nomination process and include an outside reason for their nomination of the student. All nominations remain anonymous. In the month of March 2018, two students stood out in this aspect: freshman Luke Kelly and senior Grayson Anderson.

Kelly was nominated for two of the five categories provided to teachers. Those included exceptional academic performance and ability and academic leadership.

The teachers who nominated Kelly stated that he performs at a high level on a daily basis, he is always attentive, and completes his work on time.

“Luke is a very mature and dedicated student. He’s quiet on his own accord, but when he has something to contribute, he has lots of great things to say. His class is pretty rowdy and reluctant, so his example is a great form of leadership for the other students.” 

I am happy that I have been nominated for this, although I am a little surprised about being selected for it. I believe that my teachers had many good people to choose from for their decision in this, and I am happy that they believed I was a good choice for student of the month,” Kelly said.

Anderson was selected for the female student of the month based on four of the given options.

The nominating teacher praised Anderson saying that “in a class of 33, she stands out as one who is always prepared, is always polite, and achieves academic excellence with all her activities and exams.” They further explained that Anderson is “superb at helping those around her when needed.”

“I’m honored to have been selected! There are so many outstanding students , so it means a lot to have been selected from such a great group of people!” Anderson said.

Students who also received nominations include Konnor Vohs, Indiana Strumillo
Nick Blankenship, Luke Guetterman, Ryan Haight, Gabe Rader, Austin Needham, Sidney Wilson, Savannah Clark, Maddie Svoboda, Riley Vohs, Andie Masten, Julianne Finley, Lix Guzman Damian, and Shay Whiting.

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