MU professor sues over campus gun ban; colleges in Ozarks have similar policy

A University of Missouri associate law professor is suing the university system over a regulations that bans guns on campus. In his petition, Royce Barondes contends the board of curators’ policy violates his constitutional rights by prohibiting him from a carrying a gun on campus for self-defense.

The lawsuit sites several crimes or threats–some involving guns–that have occurred on Mizzou’s campus or on curator controlled property.

“I think it was a well-intentioned rule meant for the safety of individuals on campus. The problem is that the bad guys don’t care about the rule,” explained Jennifer Bukowsky, the attorney representing Barondes.

Mizzou’s gun policy is similar to public colleges in the Ozarks. At Ozarks Technical College no one except for police officers can carry a weapon onto campus and that includes people who have conceal and carry permits.

At Missouri State University, guns are banned on campus and dorms, but they can be kept in locked cars if they’re not visible. Students and staff at MSU can also request special consideration to carry on campus from the school’s director of safety and transportation.

“There can be an exemption through my office depending on what that exemption. Sometimes we have people using them for classes things like that. Of course, we have ROTC on campus that use those occasionally and that type of thing,” said Tom Johnson.

The lawsuit names the University of Missouri Board of Curators and system President Tim Wolfe. A university representative said the university just received the lawsuit and will review it.


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