Student Council Hosts Bi-annual Blood Drive

Student council hosted the bi-annual blood drive at LHS on Wednesday, May 9 from 11am-6pm with students and other community members spending the day donating blood to help give back to the community by donating 25 units of blood.

Student Council coordinates with  the Community Blood Center of Kansas City after verifying a date to hold the drive with administration. STUCO solicits donors, sets the schedule for the day and staffs the post-donation table. The CBC takes care of the rest Blood Center and brings everything needed to set up in the Aux gym.

“[It’s important that the school hosts this event] because it gives a way for the students and adults to come together to connect, give blood and save lives,” senior August Morey said, who has donated for the past four years.

Student Council put flyers up around LHS and throughout town to bring more attention to the blood drive. A table was set up during lunch to encourage students to sign up for donating blood and an online registration was put up through the announcements. Anyone with an appointment showed up the the aux gym and filled out paperwork before donating blood. Donors were greeted by both STUCO and CBC members when they arrived.

After donating blood, there was a snack table set up where StuCo members sat to represent LHS. Student council members assisted by giving snacks and drinks to those who recently donated to prevent them from passing out.

“We feel like this is a good opportunity to give back to the community and to get our community involved,” senior Ainsley Vance said.

The blood drive was somewhat smaller this Spring than it has been in earlier years due to not as many students donating blood due to lack of student interest. Though fewer participated, those who did made an extreme difference with the donations. Many such as Morey have donated for as many years as possible.

If you are eligible to give, however, I encourage you to. It can be scary, but by donating, you can literally save a life, which to me is worth a few minutes of discomfort,” STUCO Advisor, Kathryn Siefken said.

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