Virginia’s blackface scandal is getting worse | With Chris Cillizza

Virginia’s blackface scandal is getting worse | With Chris Cillizza

In just five days, the top three elected Democrats in Virginia were engulfed in various scandals. From blackface to accusations of sexual assault, here’s how the party imploded in less than a week.
Gov. Ralph Northam spent the week fending off calls from every corner of the Democratic Party to resign after admitting — and then recanting — that he had been either in blackface or KKK robes in a photo on his medical school yearbook page.
Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax now faces not one but two allegations of sexual assault*, which he has denied* — one in 2000, the other in 2004.
Then state Attorney General Mark Herring acknowledged this week that he attended a party in blackface in 1980.
How does this end? Who knows? All three officials have avoided calls for their resignation so far, but as the scandals continue, they may not be able to survive the political storm.


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